Restaurant La Vecchia Posta

Flavors and aromas of Tuscany

A top dining experience in Bagno Vignoni Taste

Since 1520 we host pilgrims and travellers.
Today Eliana perpetuate the  tradition in our restaurant.
As true craftman, she sublime fresh raw ingredients without altering them.

Enjoy specialities from Tuscany from our menu ‘à la carte’.
About cuisine, each Italian region has its own tradition.
Our menu of the day is an open window on other regional specialities.
Every day we handmade fresh pasta dough with local wheat from the Val d’Orcia, as well as desserts.
In your plates our chef present you with vegetables and fruits from our garden.

Every day, we propose Olive Oil tasting as part of our starters. A must try of any Italian holiday!

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Seasonal and Farm to Table

The land is generous to us, it grows a healthy orchard and a productive vegetable garden. In the morning we take time with them. Still today, we find ourself amazed by the flavours our gardens offer us with.
From our vegetable garden we collect fresh vegetables, from our little orchard juicy fruits.
La Vecchia Posta offers the luxury of discretion, the sensuality of tranquility and a table where secrets are well-kept.

The Breakfast

A buffet with some homemade products like our yogurt. Delicious jams, fresh bread and pastries, made to order homemade juices, syrupy and dried or dehydrated fruits. A triumph of flavors, with smoked salmon and Tuscan salami.

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Have a good drink!

Carefully selected by our Sommelier from trusty wine maker and major Tuscan and Italian name as well as French terroirs, the wines of our restaurant represent the added value for every lunch and dinner at La Vecchia Posta Restaurant.