Val d'Orcia Experience

Something amazing!

Relais near Bagno Vignoni with spacious garden and pool!

Relais near Bagno Vignoni, Osteria dell’Orcia welcomes you to his garden on the Val d’Orcia hills, one of the most poetic and suggestive areas of Tuscany.

During the warm season, every guest can access a dimension of pure relax, surrounded by the coolness of a lush vegetation, rich of plants, meticulously cared for.

In the shade of the gazebo, with view over the green surroundings, that are the main feature of our hotel near Bagno Vignoni, it is possible to read a book or enjoy a drink, with the sound of nature that plays in the background.

In the nearby pool, another relax area is dedicated to those that like to fight the heat diving into the water, enjoying then a little sunbathing on the pool side.

For all those that like to keep fit and take care of their body, we suggest to ask our reception to book an appointment for an open air massage, in a private corner of our garden, of course, al fresco.

In the garden of Osteria dell’Orcia it is possible to have lunch, listening to the swallows singing and the gentle flow of the river, enchanted by a peaceful atmosphere and natural calmness, that gives our guests a unique sensation.

The evening, a dinner under the starred sky is the natural romantic environment for all the couples, but not only, there is space and participation also for all those loving jazz music, offered by our relais, a real Tuscan House, in a convenient position to Bagno Vignoni, famous thermal centre.

In addition to these opportunities, the green area surrounding Osteria dell’Orcia is a real plus, landscape wise, since it perfectly blends with the Tuscan hills and their colours, like if our relais was the centre of this part of Tuscany.

Write us an email and book your vacation near Bagno Vignoni, guests of Osteria dell’Orcia!
Come and live a splendid experience in a real oasis of peace and relax!



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